Benefits of Drumming

According to a research project led by the University of Chichester and University Centre Hartpury, drumming for 60 minutes a week could benefit those diagnosed with autism. The research method involved students from the Milestone School in Gloucester partaking in a 10-week drumming session. During the course of those 10 weeks, the students were found to show improvements in rhythm and timing. In addition to drumming-related skills, the students also showed improvements at school and at home. For example, there was an improvement in the students’ behavior at school, an enhancement in their communication skills, a boost in motor control, and an increase in attention span when doing homework. This article was extremely informative. However, I still have some questions I want to address. For example, drum therapy comes in many forms (there are so many types of drums and so many different genres of music to play); is there a particular form of drum therapy that is more useful than others when it comes to treating autism? Another question I have is related to the time of 60 minutes; why is 60 minutes a week the optimal time for drum therapy? Why can’t it be more or less?

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